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Why Six Lug Wheels... There A Big PITA!!!

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I just don't see why we have six lugs on the cts-v. For what.... stronger durability while racing.... Ya right.. haha... like the differential and half shafts.. lol!! I can't find wheels i like anywhere!! Just about every aftermarket dealer has book after book of five lug wheels... What a Big PITA this is.. I just don't see the justification of six lugs. I'm having problems finding Black rims to fit my "V" because someone at GM thought this be unique!! ....And it is.. So unique that i can't get a wide varitey of aftermarket wheels.. I can't even blame the manufactures..... Who wants six lug specific wheels hanging around in there warehouse. No one!! :rant2:
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Agree. I ended up exchanging for Chromed stockers, now I'm happy.
Get 5 stud rotors. Maybe the CTS rotors and calipers are a straight transplant? Smaller diameter there, but you could get better pads and you'd be shedding some unsprung weight as well.

If you like black, would you consider these Jongbloeds?


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