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Many of you have asked me about my opinion on different brands of detailing supplies. Before I went pro and opened my business, I used many of the same products you guys use. Zymol, Mothers, Meguiars and, yes, even Turtle Wax. Once I started using professional grade supplies, I discovered that there was a HUGE difference in the quality, application and durability. I tell people it's kind of like eating at Burger King when you use over the counter stuff, it works fine, it fills you up, but once you go downtown and have a steak at the Chop House, you're spoiled. That's the way it is with professional grade. I even went so far as to ask these chemical companies to make these products available to the public and I was amazed at how the responses were all the same between these suppliers. They only want to pack in 50-gallon drums or the smallest 5-gallon sizes. They also don't want to deal with customers calling in and asking questions. Meguiars is the only company that has a toll free number for consumers and it's a financial loser for them. These chemical companies know this. Have you ever tried to call the number for Meguiars? They used to have technical people answering the phones, but now they have inexperienced people there to keep costs down. That is the main reason I started selling professional grade products.

My business is NOT focused on selling products but to provide solutions for people in car care. To show how committed I'am to this end, I started and developed and areas first ever detailing clinics in Chicago. and THEY ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald even endorsed them. it was because of these clinics that I became a distributor for professional products. My detailing work has been showed in trade magazines and I get cars trailored in from out of state. All you have to do is read the feedback section on my web site and see what OTHER peope are saying, don't take my word. Gary
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