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Why does the nav on this car always head me into the traffic jams?

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I generally hit in fastest routes, but it seems like it will head me towards the traffic jams and not try to avoid them? I've got good at second guessing it and doing the opposite of what it tells me to do and save a lot of time this way. Today I was heading down rt 41 and it even said there was a traffic jam ahead and was telling me I'd be home at 2:05 PM. I cut headed up a little east to I 75 and it was a clear shot home with no traffic jam and I made it home by 1:50 PM. The GPS all the way back home kept trying to cut me off I75 back onto 41 which run along side it but still showed yellow under traffic and said there was a traffic jam, strange. You'd think since I programmed it as the fastest route it would try to avoid the traffic jam? I could see if I programmed it for the shortest route or something? Any ideas?
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Yep, I'll agree with it not being state of the art, it has a very slow processor too. I'll experiment around with it some and try shortest and maybe even easiest routes. I do have it set up so as not to avoid any toll roads or highways. Going 41 is definately more direct and less miles than 75, but during high traffic hours with all the traffic lights and congestions especially during high season here in Fla it can be a lot faster to just take 75 and cruise along at 70 mph rather than stop and go 40 mph if your lucky. I just don't know why the nav is not accounting for this even though I do have the XM traffic, I know my Garmin works fine in this way and would have taken me on I 75 because it was quite a bit faster than dealer with traffic jams. I'm really thinking about just letting my XM traffic expire and use my garmin instead of the built in caddy nav.


Good point, I guess whenever I see the yellow traffic light on the nav I'll try just hitting avoid and see if that works.
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I really find the onstar routes on the turn by turn is better than the indash nav. It does not hound me as much either every few minutes.
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