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Who's Idea whas it

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I have an 03 CTS and under the front bumper there is this rubber thing it runs the length of the bumper and is black in color. Well I drove up on one of those things that keeps you from pulling up to far and when I backed up it ripped the corner of it. The problem that I am having is that I cannot get the thing to stay on now. There is a section that is about 1.5 feet that keeps slipping off and dragging. Has anyone else had this problem? I am also looking to see if someone here knows where I can buy one on the cheap and install it myself. The dealer here wants $90.00 for a little bit of rubber.
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I did the same thing but I broke the splashguard all to hell as well. It cost me about $150.
:welcome5: to the forum. Have you tried EBay?
try or they should come out much cheaper than the dealer even with the shipping costs. I had to replace mine also
Oh yeah, the part number is 25716142
Make sure you're not missing some of the plastic rivits holding everything on. You can get those at the dealer for about a buck apiece.
You are referring to the rubber air dam. It is prone to pulling loose if you get too close to an overly tall bump stop retainer.

Worry not, you can pull the entire thing loose and reseat it without the pins. I have been driving without pins for I don't know 10-11k miles without issue. Having pins in the air dam good, but considering what the dealer wants to charge for replacement living without is the way to go!
Is this needed anyways? I think it looks bad.
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