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Thanks guys for recent feedback on my other posts
Was wondering how advanced a shop must be to "properly" work on these cadillacs (96 sts), Are there alot of "dealer only" tools needed to work on them?....Computers and such. Or any small "knowledgable" garage can do the majority of the work?
I've heard that just to change spark plugs...the motor mounts have to be unbolted and the engine tilted forward...mann appreciated :)
..Also...I dont have the Service manual...But if someone could recommend the needed services for the car...since it has (200,000 miles)
It would be much appreciated
ie...plugs, tranny service?, etc..

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Most independant shops that are AC/delco certified should be able to work on the cars......... and have the diagnostic tools also.....

200k on a 96sts??? That has to be a record...... 28k/yr!!

Plugs should last the life of the car... They only need to be replaced if they start acting up.....

Basically, replace all the fluids..... Oil, tranny FLUSH (and replace the filter if their is one, im not sure), brake fluid, etc..... Flush the radiator and change the TSTAT...... Along with filters (oil, air, fuel)...... You can also run some GM TOP ENGINE CLEANER through the engine, and it should make it run better.... For this you should run 1 can through the brake booster line (follow the instructions), and then I would take off the TB and clean out the inside area there with a rag and some cheapo TB cleaner ( i use valvoline synpower, $2 for a can), replace the TB, and run another can through the line......

Powertrain related, that should be about it......
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