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Who is the Caddy Wheel OEM ?

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There is a raised decal on my 14 slot wheel that looks like a J and two L's...almost looks like it spells 'all'. Then I started noticing it on other wheels from the likes of Toyota, Lexus, and Dodge. Who makes em?
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I dont know...... Can anyone help him???
CHUCK......I do know that Alcoa makes the
fancy aluminum factory rims for the GM 3/4
ton trucks. Sez Alcoa on them.
Maybe they make them for Caddy too.

I did have a link to who made what parts for
GM cars...BUT kids smoked 'puter and link is
gone....Will search and post if I find it....geo
I don't know who makes the wheels, but I was told that the "JLL" on the wheels is the Japanese equivalent of "DOT".
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