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Who has a noisy A/C blower fan? I do, I think.

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This has been bothering me for a while (like 2 years), but never did anything about it. So, before I go back to the dealer for the umpteenth time, let me ask if any of you feel that when your A/C is on, the blower fan is noisy. Not that it is making "rattling" noises and such, but rather it just seems to be too loud for a "luxury" car. I know that is can be a subjective call, but nonetheless...
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Fly I just keep mine on Auto with the max setting set to medium and it seems very normal to me.
I also have mine on auto and max setting to medium, have you noticed that even though u have auto max fan speed set to medium it blows on high all the time? Sometimes (usually when hotter out) it will blow on full speed, I will select fan speed to go down one notch, and the little bar that pops up on CUE is all the way maxed out, does your's do this or have you noticed either way?
No that is the ambient light sensor in the dash.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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