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Who grilled today?

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Had steak last night and hamburgers/hot dogs today.
I made a steak for myself, not too much grilling today. We need a new grill anyways.
Bone-in rib steak!
Grilled steaks tonight. Last night, I grilled chicken (with Stubb's BBQ sauce) and asparagus. My brother-in-law (the one moving to Oregon) is here house-hunting, so I've been feeding him well.
Gourmet burgers: sun-dried tomato and basil, sharp cheddar and bacon, portabella mushroom and swiss. The ingredients were ground into the meat. The spread also included ballpark dogs for the kids.

ETA: I have already killed 9 flies in my house this morning.....with the electric fly swatter. :D
The grills were under water at the marina due to all of the heavy rains we've been getting. The sailing was good though! :thumbsup:
London Broil and Chicken Breast.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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