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White Diamond Escalade photos needed

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Can you guys please post photos of White Diamond Escalades with custom wheels? I am in the market for a set of 24's, but not sure what rims will look good on my Lade. I am leaning towards DUB Moabs or Big Homie rims, but wanted to get a feel of what you guys are rocking:cool2: !!

Thanks ahead of time,
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Here is mine...

24" Giovanna Abruzzo's 305/35R24 BFGoodrich GForce T/A
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sinsterj... hot stuff... i love the rims... giovanna's are my fav... thats a legit ride! ! !
Phat azz rides Sinister & Jers69. Man you guys are making it very hard for me to choose some shoes for the Lade. If you run across more photos, please post!!

No one else has or seen any White Diamond custom Escalades? I searched the images site, but didn't find a wide variety of custom White Diamond Escalades. Please help me out peeps.

Hey Jers69 can you tell me what kind of speaker grille/cover that is on your front door. Ive been looking for something like that. Thanks
Thanks for all the photos. Does anyone have, or seen, any photos of a white diamond escalde on Dub Moabs or Dub Big Homies? If so, could you please post a picture or link?


Man this is out cold!!!! Any idea what type of rims these are? Damn this is clean!!:bonkers:
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Those are Oasis Crisis rims. They're clean, but only when they're big. Those are 26's.
Keep in mind, that truck is bagged and thats one reason why its sitting so clean, not just the rims.
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