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I'm doing a Whipple build from Dragon Racing and I can only find limited information on these chargers. The manifold is extremely small. From what I could find on these things is they have bad IAT problem from the lack of air space. I'm dropping a set of Ported and polished 317 heads on which should help a little. I'm using a 26x7x3.5 front mount heat exchanger from FrozenBoost which should help a good amount. But that doesn't change the fact that the cooler inside the manifold is tiny. I've been planning on a meth kit, but I came across the super chiller from active interchiller. These guys are running 30 degrees IAT's!! It seems to be a maintenance free system which verse keeping an eye on your meth level and if its working correctly is a big plus. As long as your AC compressor works the system works. Prices are about the same for the chiller and meth kit I was looking at. Its a tuff decision because the chiller is going to be working off of the tiny cooler inside the manifold.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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