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Which year do you recommend?

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Thinking of buying a used escalade, not sure which year to go for. I know the basic differences like the steering wheel, climate controls, radio antena and all of that but I'm thinking of going with the 05 because it was the last modified version before the 07.. anybody recommend specific years??:)
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2006 was the last year of the 2nd generation Escalade.
yeah i know that, but 05 and 06 have no differences at all their exactly the same.. well thats what i've heard anyways, maybe their are some but not that i know of i dont no .. any one have any recommendations though??
I would recommend a 2006 if your going to get a 2005 anyway. Otherwise, the 2003 is the best value for the money because it includes most of the key changes that mattered (new steering wheel, xenon lights etc).

No year is significantly more reliable out of the 03-06 years. They all need to be maintained properly or the failure points are the same.
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