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Robert is absolutely correct. The OEM CTS-V grill is constructed of a thin gauge almost "poultry wire" type of polished stainless steel. It is very light weight and flimsy in construction.

It is obvious that the "lowest bidder" won the "grill-supply" contract when Cadillac was soliciting bids for grill suppliers and the OEM V grill reflects the less than high quality one should expect from a $50,000 plus car.

By comparison; the E&G grill at 2 feet of "eyeball" distance looks identical, but is yet twice the price; so why is that:

  • The E&G CTS-V grill is manufactured from a very heavy gauge, yet light weight solid billet aluminim material, rather than the thin gauge stainless OEM stainless steel
  • The E&G CTS-V grill is then hexavalent chrome plated. It is submersion tank dipped in a copper bath, bright nickel bath and then finished with a high grade flash chrome and polished to a mirror like finish.
  • The fit, finish and quality is second to none and easily justifies the difference in price.
If your price shopping, the OEM grill can be bought for about $250 delivered from GM Parts Direct.

If you shop around, the E&G single weave CTS-V mesh grill will cost around $450.00 and can be found on eBay. It carries an MSRP of $795 and quite candidly is worth every penny of $795

But shop around on eBay and look at some different vendors as you can obtain the grill only for about $450 which is the typical street price.

To give you an idea, I trashed my own OEM CTS-V grill as it was junk and replaced it with a better quality grill.
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