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Where's our EXHAUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know our cars have only been out a few months, but damn, you would think there would be more aftermarket equipment for them. Any word on the Corsa??? Borla have any plans????? Somebody. I know I'm getting desperate when I'm looking at license plate brackets. Vented, I feel better.

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When I stopped by and met with Jime Jr back on the 4th, they had a system on a car already but there was a little bit of resonance at highway speeds that they wanted to work on getting rid of. They were supposed to be fitting a new muffler onto the car later that week that would hopefully be the one. They were also going to see if there was any possibilty of offering a touring and indy version similar to their C5 systems. Jim said that once the system was finalized it would take 2-3 weeks to get enough supply to start taking orders.

I was then told by Chuck Mallett that they would be recieving the first 50 systems off the line for their conversions. And then you have to figure in that GM will get their share in there somewhere to ship to the Cadillac dealers.

I figure it will be mid-June before we see this...only speculation.

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