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Where to get V bumper?

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Anyone know if I can get a V bumper from the dealer? If so, how much? Where did you get your V bumper for your regular CTS?
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front or back? there is a back one in the V classfieds...and if you dont want that, there is a sticky in the V forum that says V parts wanted, that if you post in there, they might be able to hook you up
Go to and download the parts list. While you're there, read the article written up by Miscreant on swapping bumpers and the parts involved.

Then you can go to any GM dealer and order what you want. will get anything you want shipped to your house. Be aware there is more to just the bumper cover when doing the conversion. Total parts cost (grills, fog lights/brackets, inner fenderwells, etc) are going to run you around $800-$1000. Paint would be on top of that.
Only looking for the front bumper. I checked the V forum classified but only found one that's broken.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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