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Where is the high beam switch???

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I'm really ashamed of myself. I can't find the high beam switch on my 69 deville convertible. I looked under the carpet on the drivers side floor and nothing. I looked on the dash for something that looks like a switch. nothing. I don't have an operators manual so no help there. I am so embarrassed because I have owned this car for three years and never actually driven it at night. Yesterday I was driving at night and it was a lonely country road so I thought I would hit the brights. That's when I realized I can't find the switch!! Can anyone help?
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Thanks for the note "learninmesomin". That is exactly where I was looking for it. But alas nothing was there. I have, since my last post, researched the problem and it seems that Cadillac had an automatic headlight dimming system. Actually there were a couple of systems, twilight sentry, and another one. My headlight switch on the dash shows tells me I did not have the option, but maybe someone replaced the dash before I got the car. (MY car has an absolutely pristine dash) I work a LOT so it takes me longer to get the time to work on my car.....but I am still trying to figure it out. I've looked under the hood to see if I can find any of the headlight dimming circuitry. So far I have not found anything. If it turns out that I do not have this option, then I will mount a dimmer switch on the floor and get on to the next problem. But THANKS for taking the time to respond!!
Thanks for the note. I did find the switch. it was mounted under the dash. Still doesn't work, but I found it. Ill get around to wiring it up this winter when its too cold to drive it. For now I'm just enjoying the nice weather.
Thanks again.
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