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Where is the high beam switch???

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I'm really ashamed of myself. I can't find the high beam switch on my 69 deville convertible. I looked under the carpet on the drivers side floor and nothing. I looked on the dash for something that looks like a switch. nothing. I don't have an operators manual so no help there. I am so embarrassed because I have owned this car for three years and never actually driven it at night. Yesterday I was driving at night and it was a lonely country road so I thought I would hit the brights. That's when I realized I can't find the switch!! Can anyone help?
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There should be a floor switch. It would be left of the brake pedal, close to the side kick panel. I'd recommend taking of the kick panel and looking under it. Might be that the panel is covering it. Either that or someone removed the switch.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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