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Where Is Gm Geek

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like the title im looking for gm geek since he has not returned any of my pm's...
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i have stuff that i need to pick up from him but his ignoring me...........
seriously where the hell is this guy......
I just saw him online yesterday...? Private message him.
gm geek knows what i need but his avoiding..............
Whats the deal? You paid for something but never received it? Or just looking to buy something?
Let us know, he has treated me good. :)
I bought a nav tv unit from him. Took a couple weeks for him to reply to me, I believe due to his work schedule? Just be patient, he'll reply to you as soon as he gets a chance.
damn its been months now that he has told me that ill get my lights within couple weeks..............whats the deal GM GEEK
I was extremely happy with the service from GM_Geek initally. But it has now been over three months trying to get a replacement for my Ipod integration module. Sent the old one back in March. I have sent countless emails, PMs, even posted a plee on the forum. Received two responses in that time. Both cases that he sent a replacement unit. But both times I never received anything. If sent I would like to help him track down where it went. Verify address. Something. But no response.

Heck I would like the old back, it would be better than nothing. Does anyone have a phone number for him?
Yes I would like to know where is is too. My I-pod hook-up is now crap and i need it replaced. I hope he is alright.......
Still have not heard from GM_GEEK. Has anyone else? I really want my Ipod adapter. Going to take a trip in August.
Anyone heard from gm_geek yet? I have phone #, address (in Poway), etc. but am hoping he will respond. I've been trying to get an iConnect unit from him that works since March!!! Currently I'm out $200 and he said to send the old one back - all I hear is how he's sending out a replacement but I never get anything...
I too have been PM'ing and e-mailing. I have been looking to buy a grille from him. I wanted to askin him a few questions first. After 5 e-mails, I guess he does not need the business or money. If he reads this please contact at [email protected]
Cadillac Motorsports all over again.
Talked to him last week, maybe two weeks ago now, he still loves us but has been on the road working and does not get to a computer often.
Well, here is his last email to me:

From: Mark Igolnikov [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 6:38 AM
To: ###
Subject: RE: FW: FW: FW: FW: iConnect?

iam out of state right now. be back by end of this week, I do have a replacement module witch I am going to send it to you along with refund


Needless to say, he has not responded since, and now all email to [email protected] bounces. I'm out $200 and he has dicked me along since March on this. I sent the unit back to him, so I have nothing to show for my $200.

I have his address in Poway, CA and will probably take him to court because this is absolute &#($#$^&*#@. He promises stuff and refunds and god knows what else but delivers on absolutely nothing.

So Carl, if you do talk to him again, please mention that he's going to be served soon unless he starts acting like an honest businessman.
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I will for sure. :(
I should have read this before-he owes me a backup camera I paid for 6 weeks ago or so-feels like long time..says it got lost in shipping once, then lied about second one being sent out- I am in a company that trusted me to get this done for a client-I am sitting on a nav unit and paid for camera I never got from him-I look like an ass he looks like a thief and I now have an Escalade to refund and resell-60,000.00
I will call every Mark Igolnikov on the planet until I track him down....
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