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Where does this fuel line run?

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Hey I have an 84 fleetwood with the HT4100. I did a headgasket swap on it and put everything back together but i cant figure out where one fuel line runs.

The metal fuel line runs from the back of the carb on the far passenger's side. There are 3 lines that run off the back, and I can't figure where the far passenger's side line runs to. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find anywhere it could run. It seems to be either a feed or return line from the tank, but I traced the lines from the tank and still can't figure it out.

Sounds pretty dumb, but i actually can't figure it out
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Could it be a vacuum line that runs to the steel vaccum lines from the vacuum pump?

I'm not sure, they way the tube is bent looks like it should run back behind the distributor and down on the drivers side of the engine. It's a fairly good sized line
On the HT 4100 RWD, the Fuel and Return line run to the driver's side rear of the engine block. I'm about 2400 miles from my home, when I return I can try to see what you are talking about.

Is it black? does it go to a check valve. It could possibly be the tube for the AIR system, this would be routed to your exhaust manifold.
Hey, no its not black its a metal line probably about 5/16" outer diameter. There are three lines that screw into the back of the carb, they look like those. The other 2 lines run on the drivers side of the engine, i dont think its a vacuum line. Its strange because i can't see any hose or nipple anywhere where this line could attach to!?

I'll try to get a picture of the fuel line if i can. It's pre shaped, so it seems like it runs to the drivers side of the engine and down where the other lines go, but theres nowhere to attach it.
Of the three lines at the back of the throttle body, the two that run toward the driver's sides are fuel and return. Maybe the threaded part fell off somewhere.
thanks elk those lines are intact, but do you know where the third line runs?
Two of the lines are for fuel, the other is for air from the smog/AIR pump. I believe the big one on the passenger side is for the AIR pump.

Each of the lines should have a black threaded fitting on them.
Thanks DrDave, i'll check that out. The line still has its threaded fitting on it.
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