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Where do these fuel lines run??

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Hey I'm trying to figure out where a fuel line runs on my 84 Caddy Fleetwood with the HT4100. The fuel line runs from the far right one of the four lines off the back of the carb to _____________. (I dont know where). I've looked everywhere and cant find where the line should run. The fuel line is a steel, preshaped line. A picture of where the line runs from is attached. (outlined in red, picture 1)

Also, theres a small line on the front of the carb that i dont know what its for or what attaches to it. (outlined in blue, picture 2) And another line on the back that is the same size.(outlined in red, picture 1) Picture is attached too.

Please help if you know. If you have an HT4100 in your car, pop the hood and check this out for me! :)

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There may be enough differences between 84 and 86 that this info may not help much...

The large red-circled connector is, on mine, a vacuum pipe that runs off and, I believe, connects to the electric vacuum pump under the LF fender. It may also be the main body vacuum feed...
(This part I will confirm tomorrow...)

I am certain that the small red-circled feed is for your air cleaner's thermac valve. Mine has the tap for that ON that larger pipe, and does not have this small one on the back of the throttle-body.

The one off the front I am not very certain about, but, if this is transverse, probably goes up to the firewall to the MAP sensor (flat rectangular thing) and lets it know the state of the vacuum at the inlet...

Hope that helps!:thumbsup:
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