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Hello Cadillac World.

I'm brand new to the Cadillac mark. I've just bought a 2.8l CTS optioned out with a 6sp manual (never owned an automatic transmision on any vehicle), the factory suspension upgrade, the Nav package,and a sunroof. I'm a sales engineer, I log a lot of miles, and I need serious gas milage performance.

So what can we do with this engine? I worry about what GM did to cut costs on the 2.8 over the 3.6, and I fear money was saved de-spec'ing component materials. I've worked in 3 different GM supplier plants, including the Powertrain plant in Tonawanda, NY. I know what they do to component suppliers. I also know SAAB turbocharged this engine and stuffed the whole enchillada into the front wheel drive 9-3. It doesn't sound like the Trolls were able to fix the e-throttle issue. I'm hoping an aftermarket outfit can offer both a turbo system for our powertrain, and a hardware / software package for our right foot.

Also, I'm up here in The Great White North. My Dad, who is also a Swedish Troll, is trying to force Green Diamond's silicon carbide (sandpaper) compound ice/snow tires down my throat. I'm thinking Nokian Hakkapilitta RSi's are the hot setup for the snow bound roads of Western NewYork. Any wisdom/comments? Should I wait a season for the upcoming Hakkapilitta 4 studdables?

Lastly, what would a hot exhaust setup be? The standard option Corsa system? What body panel mods would I need to fit that?

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