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where can I purchase a fuel injector remover tool?

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and how much will this tool cost?
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Remover tool? I'll sell you one, but it'll look suspiciously like a flat tip screwdriver....... :leaving:

Is this for removing the plastic fuel rail from the manifold, or an injector from the rail, or ??

The clips that hold the plastic fuel rail on the intake can be undone with a flat tip screwdriver. The metal clips that hold the injectors on the fuel rail can be pulled off with the same, or a mini screwdriver.
hmm didnt know that, the FSM says in the removing fuel injector procedure section a special tool is required called a injector remover J 41081. in step 5 it says pry the injector up and out of intake manifold using J 41081 between the bootom of the injector and intake manifold. any ideas?

I purchased a intake with sensors and injectors off ebay. I would like to take the injectors from the intake purchased from ebay and install them on my engine.
Oh brother.....

If you've got a stainless fuel rail, you just pull the corners up until they all let go.
You don't need a tool, I removed both the SS and the vinyl ones, just carefully pry off the retaining pins because they will start flying if you put to much force on them, and then just slowly work around the fuel rail by pulling on each end.

Ohh BTW, I have 8 used injectors up for sale, make me an offer if anyone is interested, also have intake, throttle body.
The manual calls for many "special tools". I have found that many times you can improvise with what you have on hand.
ok cool thanks for the info. guys
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