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My dash lamps just went out on my Oil pres. gauge & Voltage meter.

What about Napa etc.?

Are they hard to replace?

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Some of the bulbs in the Catera cluster are special bulbs, you can't get them anywhere except to buy the gage set that is located in the right side of the cluster.
It has 3 or 4 bulbs in the back you can take out and transfer into your cluster, but be sitting down or holding onto something when they tell you the price.

You can fit a standard 194 bulb in the sockets but you might end up burning out more than a bulb next time. I think the bulbs in the cluster are rated much lower amperage than a 194 bulb and it might end up cooking the cluster.
If you have the time and resources you can go salvage and pull the clusters from a few cars and raid the light bulbs out of them cheaper than you can buy the gages.

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