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detroit99sts said:
I also feel that it is a good thing to do. I just heard that transmissions get used to the fluid that is there already, and changing it can cause problems.
Ever hear something like that?:confused:
I've heard of damage being done by "bad flushes". A lot of it read on this board. Most people here recommend doing a dropping of the pan and refilling.

I needed mine done, I'm at 97,000 miles now. I had it done at 95,000. I took it to my dealer that I bought the car from. I asked the guy about the flushes and what he thought about them, and told him about all the information I had read on this forum. He told me that the only time a flush would do the kind of damage that is discussed on here, is when there are already problems with the transmission or little problems exist already.

even if i didn't need to change the fluid (life indicator always read 100%) if anything, it provides me with peace of mind, at a cost of $125. :histeric:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts