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wheels for the cts

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Alright, so my mom just got a 06 black cts and the stock wheels have winter tires on them so she wants something for the summer. The car is completely stock and will remain that way besides the wheels. i am looking for your suggestions and what you think will look best for stock ride height. i don't want anything black, or bigger than 20's. Its my mom i'm not trying to make her look hood. haha thanks
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i say grab a nice clean set of stock 17s or a nice set of 18s. anything bugger than that is pointless and she wont like.
im running 20s on my cts, i had 17s stock and 18s just before the 20s. personally i like the ride on 20s the best(also looks) but for everyday around town 17 or 18
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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