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Wheels for sale

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Hi all!

I have a fairly clean set of wheels with sensors, caps, and Pirelli 255/45R18 PZero Asymmetrical tires.

They worked great. Took them off very quickly when I fit some CCWs on.

I think the complete set is worth bout 1000 bucks. They are avail for NYC pickup.


(oh, I also have the Spectre bushings if someone is interested)
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WL, I am definately interested and live in Philly (short ride for me up the Jersey TP)....I will PM you.
White Lightning I am interested in these if they are still available. My rims got all messed up when some old lady hit my car while it was PARKED!!! So I need some new rims and tires. I live in NJ so I am also close. Let me know.

I am interested in the specter bushings. Sold yet?
Sorry, but I closed on the wheel deal a while back; not sure about the bushings . . . it may take him a day or two to respond . . . he is now the proud owner of a new M5, pretty sweet, and may not be following these forums much anymore.
Please post classified "for sale" ads in our classified section...
Administrator said:
Please post classified "for sale" ads in our classified section...
With all due respect, we have been begging for a "swap meet" or whatever you'd like to call it, sticky thread for V-related parts and accessories. Why is administration so anti? This would solve all of your police work telling members that for sale ads do not belong here.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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