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Wheels for CT5V

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I'm currently in process of buying wheels for the stock summer tires. Looking at Fast FC04 wheels in metallic black, looking for any form of review of durability, etc even if on a different vehicle.
Got a month or two before I need to swap from my winters to the pilots.
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I recently ordered a CT5V but don't have a build date. Regardless, I don't expect my car before the end of the summer and am kind of torn here - my brain tells me to get 18s for the winter and keep the stock 19s for summer duty as I don't think a 40 aspect ratio on the stock 19s would do all that well on many of the roads up here (my city - Ottawa - runs its annual pothole festival from February to May every year). But I am tempted to go with nice aftermarket 19s for the summer and keep the stock 19s for the winter.

Did others in snowy areas consider 18s for the winter?
I'm currently in your situation. I am running stock 19s for winter, and have nice black 19s for summers. I had to get winters on for delivery though and wasn't able to get another set of wheels on short notice so resorted to throwing winter tires on the stock rims, which gave me the winter to get ahold of rims for the summers.

It's not as bad now, but when I first got the car, alot of websites had the wrong specs for the wheels mainly bolt pattern was wrong. Have an eye for that still just incase, especially if your buying aftermarket.
Was considering just getting 18" take-offs for the winter. There are many people in snow-free regions who replace their stock wheels basically upon delivery of the car. In the past, a good number of my winter wheels have been these take-offs - not only are the prices good, they look okay on the car. Given that it's for winter, I'm not looking for quite the same ride/handling as I am in the summer.
Yeah, I was in a situation where I had to toss winter onto the stock rims because I got the car right off the truck (I didn't order the car, just took someone's order since they backed out) Worked out though because I wanted to get some black wheels and they couldn't get a OEM set in black. I'm only like a hour+ south of Ottawa. Had no issues with the heavy snowfalls this past winter, but 18s would be great for a bit of more meat for the potholes.

I'm excited to get my summers on with the black rims and see how it looks, I'll post some pics up when I get them on, tires should be in next week, then just gotta get them balanced and mounted.
I'm in Manotick, so probably not that far from you. Out here, 19s would be fine in the winter - the worst potholes are in the city itself.
I'm in Quebec and my stock 19's on winters survived the crappiest roads in Canada without any issues.
245-40R19 have massive sidewalls for what they are honestly.

(Better than the 235-40R18 that were on my previous CT4-V, and even those, survived the same roads without any issues.)

I never downsize cars in the winter personally as the OEM wheels always end up being the "winter wheels".
Thanks for the feedback.

FWIW, a friend of mine just bent a rim on his Golf GTI while in Gatineau a week or so ago - he had just put on the summer alloys. He's getting the wheel repaired but he knows that in all likelihood he'll have to buy a new one.
What 18" take off's are you referring to? I'm pretty sure the V only came with 19" and 20" depending on the package. Not to say an 18" wouldn't fit, of course. If an 18" from a different trim CT5 fit that'd be awesome.
A non-V such as a premium luxury. They're out there.
There's definitely some on Canadawheels also. My biggest concern would be fitment over the rotors and brembos. When I clean my wheels, the calipers are pretty damn close to the wheel's barrel that it's hard to clean between the rotor and barrel. If your ordering from somewhere make sure you get guaranteed fitment/good return policy incase their is an issue is probably the best way to go about it, hopefully you get it figured out way before winter so you aren't forced into doing anything you don't want.
Yeah that's an important point. I don't know what kind of caliper clearance is required on the V. I might just stick with the 19s as the winter wheels and look for different 19s for the summer.
From sources that I've read, the non-V 19" and 18" standard wheels are 8.5" wide with a 29mm offset and the V 19" wheels are the same. Also GM parts site I use lists the V among those trim levels for the fitment of an 18" non-V wheel.

And we know that parts sites never get their fitment lists wrong...

Lol if they gave you a vin already you can just call your dealership parts department and confirm 18s will fit with your vin. With all the websites showing 5x115 Bolt pattern and only odd ones showing 5x120, I called my dealerships parts Dept to get them to get m exact wheel specs based on my vin.

Good luck, and hope you enjoy your car when you get it.
I don't even have any confirmation that GM has accepted the order. I have plenty of time...
Got the tires on, stock rims and winters weighed around 62-63 lbs give or take. So pumped lol.
Looks purty.

Well, in reality, 255-35R20 is 0.3" taller than 245-40R19, but on the car, that's just a 0.15" difference in "wheel gap" and 0.15" more in 4x4 stance.

So pretty negligible. But you do have 0.7" less sidewall, so on the roads, they would be more prone to damage on our beautiful Canadian roads !
Yeah. I think I am going to take delivery of my car and drive it stock for the first winter before I decide if the winters are going to be 18s or 19s.
I'd say base your choice on what you want to do with the stock wheels since the 19's have plenty of sidewall already.
If you like em enough for summer bling bling, keep em and get 18's for the plushier ride.

If you don't want to keep the stockers for summer bling, then, keep them as winter wheels & buy new 19's (or 20's) for summer !
(Careful to get at least 8.5 wide & 35 offset, so the stance is similar, since stock wheels have 8.5 & 29, anything less will be more inward and less aggressive. This is why I went with 9.5 wide & 35 offset, this gives me a 7mm wider stance, and room for 275's once the stock tires are shot.)
Phenomenal advice - especially about the offset. Thank you!!
That's gorgeous AF. Congrats.
I did read above and saw most wheel sets at 8.5 or 9.5 so wasn't sure if Goin a 9" width would change anything on the offset?
If you're going with 9s, I would imagine an offset that is mid-point between the offsets for the 8.5 and 9.5 widths should work. In the earlier posts, it was reported that OE was 29 on 8.5s and that a poster mounted 9.5s with a 35 offset.

Are you worried about the look or interference with the suspension/brakes?
Mostly worried about interference and rubbing
Fair. I would be as well. That being said, if 9.5s work with a 35 offset, you shouldn't have a problem with 9s with a reasonably similar offset. What diameter are you looking at?
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