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Wheels for CT5V

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I'm currently in process of buying wheels for the stock summer tires. Looking at Fast FC04 wheels in metallic black, looking for any form of review of durability, etc even if on a different vehicle.
Got a month or two before I need to swap from my winters to the pilots.
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Thanks for chiming in! You putting the stock pilots on the 9.5 or are they already on there? I looked at a chart for wheel width and tire width and saw that the tires are on the low end on fitting 9.5.

If you beat me to putting the wheels on post up a pic, what colour is your car?
I ended up getting Braelin BR14s. Very similiar looking to the FC04s and only a bit heavier. Flow formed also, as they are a branch of Fast. They have custom bore matching, and have the size for our CT5s without needing a hub ring. I normally change to and from winters in my garage/driveway, so not having to worry about buying hub rings everytime was a bonus, bonus it's a Canadian company and didn't have to pay for shipping.

If anyone else has bought aftermarket wheels feel free to post pics / chime in. I'll change the name of the thread.
BR14s came in yesterday, pumped to get these bad boys on when weather warms up.
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Very nice!! Any chance you weighed your stock rims? I got my wheel sensors in last week, just waiting to mount them. Super excited, yours are looking good make sure you send a pic when they are on!
Ah yeah forgot that part lmfao. I havent been able to find anything about the weight of the stock wheels anywhere online. We've been getting warm weather, I think this weekend will be the last cold spurt hopefully. Sometimes I wish I lived down south lol, good fishing, hot weather, and no need for AWD and winters ahah.
Lolol. Can I ask what paint issues? I've talked to a couple guys, and looked at the other ct5/4 threads, seems like a few different things are popping up to be repaired under warranty.
Damn she's looking good. Lol gonna have to make sure you don't get any curb rash with the tires being a bit stretched.
I'm currently in your situation. I am running stock 19s for winter, and have nice black 19s for summers. I had to get winters on for delivery though and wasn't able to get another set of wheels on short notice so resorted to throwing winter tires on the stock rims, which gave me the winter to get ahold of rims for the summers.

It's not as bad now, but when I first got the car, alot of websites had the wrong specs for the wheels mainly bolt pattern was wrong. Have an eye for that still just incase, especially if your buying aftermarket.
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Yeah, I was in a situation where I had to toss winter onto the stock rims because I got the car right off the truck (I didn't order the car, just took someone's order since they backed out) Worked out though because I wanted to get some black wheels and they couldn't get a OEM set in black. I'm only like a hour+ south of Ottawa. Had no issues with the heavy snowfalls this past winter, but 18s would be great for a bit of more meat for the potholes.

I'm excited to get my summers on with the black rims and see how it looks, I'll post some pics up when I get them on, tires should be in next week, then just gotta get them balanced and mounted.
There's definitely some on Canadawheels also. My biggest concern would be fitment over the rotors and brembos. When I clean my wheels, the calipers are pretty damn close to the wheel's barrel that it's hard to clean between the rotor and barrel. If your ordering from somewhere make sure you get guaranteed fitment/good return policy incase their is an issue is probably the best way to go about it, hopefully you get it figured out way before winter so you aren't forced into doing anything you don't want.
Got my tires today, and found a shop that's gonna squeeze me inbetween jobs and get the tires and tpms sensors on my BR14s. Will post a pic when I get the car picked up tomorrow... Maybe after I give it a good cleaning too lol gotta make those photo shoots count.

Weighed the wheels and tires too. Brand new PS4S run flats came in at 31.8lbs, and BR14s came in at 22.4lbs. I'll give the winters + stock rims a weigh when they are off. Obviously not a good comparison for obvious reasons, but I'm sure as hell not ripping tires on and off just to weigh the stock wheels lol. If anyone does take their tires off the stock rims let me know what they weigh out of curiousity!
Lol if they gave you a vin already you can just call your dealership parts department and confirm 18s will fit with your vin. With all the websites showing 5x115 Bolt pattern and only odd ones showing 5x120, I called my dealerships parts Dept to get them to get m exact wheel specs based on my vin.

Good luck, and hope you enjoy your car when you get it.
Got the tires on, stock rims and winters weighed around 62-63 lbs give or take. So pumped lol.
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Thanks! Wish they made our cars have less wheel gap, lol maybe they left it that big so the cars with 20s look mint ahah
You think the 20" rims have a smaller ratio (I know if you upsize yourself you try to match OEM size or you have to get the car recalibrated for the speedo and odo)? Damn that'd be dicey to drive on with how shitty roads are ahaha.
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Just walked out to grab something from the car, thought it looked super sexy with the rims so took a pic haha!
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Make sure to post up a pic when you get them in, not sure what tires do you have on currently? ps4s' made a big difference on my car especially in curves and winding roads. I too was in the market for a m340 used but got a crazy trade in value for the my caddy that I thought would be silly to pass up.
That's a non-bw? Man the wheel gap looks so much better with 20s. Looks stellar, like the paint colour too.
Post some pics w your oe 20s, could help someone in the future that's purchasing a new set of wheels
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