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Wheel/Tire wobble 2005 STS-4

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I just picked up a 2005 STS-4 with app 31K miles on it fully loaded and it is an awesome piece of machinery, elegance, and sophistication. I have the original sticker and it is over $67,000 and I paid about $30,995.

I was in love for about 2 weeks then I got a thing in the mail from a GM buyback divison - can't remember the name, but is was something like GMARP
Automobile Repurchase Program...or something like that..then I got nervous!

So, I spent $25 bucks and went to carfax for a report. Good luck! nothing in the way of wreck, or crash, or fire, or flood, or hail, etc etc...then about 2 more weeks into it, I get a second letter from the GM buyback asking me to sign because the car was a lemon from I signed and mailed because the only problem was the original owners took the car in 3 times for a wheel vibration. I thought, how bad can that be?

Well, I found out that this annoys the crap out of me and I actually felt this before I even got the letter...I was getting onto I-80 and it felt like the rear of the car was wobbling....between 26 to 29mph...when I accelerated, the wobble subsided...I thought perhaps the magnetic ride control was adjusting to the undulations in the road as I had it on performance. I also feel it when I take a wide corner at lesser speeds and when I change lanes at higher speeds on the is as if the crest/rise in middle of the road sets this wobble off temporarily....I liken it to when you had a bike and you hit a bump and messed of the spoked wheel...if you flipped it on the handle bars and seat and gave it a spin you could see it move from side to side and perhaps rise and fall a bit.

So, my questions are:
1. Does anyone else have this problem?
2. The car is still under warranty, does my signing the paper remove GM's obligation to repair or attempt to repair this?

Other issues:
1. My lower seat seems to squeak a bit when my body shifts- seems like there is something immediately under the leather like the heater element? that moves....I can definitely hear it.
2. The weather seal right near the Cadillac emblem in the drivers side threshold is worn through already, could have been previous owner's foot on egress, but in less tham 31K miles seems a bit odd.
3. Composite headlamp if fogging....ok, full of would think if they can't seal them properly, they could put drain holes in the bottom! (joking)
4. Rear tires - worn twice as much as the front ones...this is all wheel drive - shouldn't the wear a bit closer? Maybe not evenly, but closer than 2 to 1. These are Michelin HX-MXM4's made in Canada...don't know if these are good are not, but I bet they are expensive to replace? Recommendations? 18" spoked wheels.
5. Front brakes - seem a bit squishy - possible that previous owners wore these down this quickly?

After all this, I stilllove this is a blast to drive and I can't believe all the other functions it has and they all work superbly! My real worry is the wheel wobble, I don't want that to be the main driver for eating up wheels.

Thanks to everyone who takes time to read and respond to this post,
Kevin C.

PS. I often wonder if those who invole the lemon law thoroughly question the dealer? I mean, the owners may have take the car back because of the wheel wobble/vibration and the dealers may have rotated/spun balance. etc...and then an alignment, and the something else...I guess what I mean to say is, are they trying to cure one of the symptoms and did they actually dig deep enough to find the root casue? maybe on of the wheels isn't parallel, or a bent axle, or thoughts
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