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Wheel Speed Sensor Fix

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We use a lot of salt on our Wisconsin roads causing a lot of rust. As the rust builds up under the wheel speed sensor it starts to force the sensor up and out of the mounting hole. That starts to pull the sensor away from the reluctor causing the ABS to kick in a little just as you are about stopped and activating the Traction Control as you are pulling away from a stop even on dry pavement. Some say to replace the hub and sensor. Sometimes when removing a sensor you will break it but if you are careful and have a very thin wallet or are just cheap you can see in the picture how to fix it.

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Same salt problem in New Jersey I've replaced my Hubs twice , traction control would make vehicle lag when starting off and ABS would engage at random . I learned not to buy the cheap hubs they only lasted 13 months one month past warranty , bought the better Moog hubs second time they held up so far.
Before installing the sensor give the area a coating of something like No Seize to seal it and keep the rust from building up.
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