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Wheel Hop Kits...yeah, I'm lazy.

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Ok, so I thought I could live with the wheel hop and rear noise on my car...I thought I'm not too big of a dead stop launch kinda guy so it wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong.

I need a wheel hop kit. I know BMR has one and I thought I remember reading about a KARS kit or something like that.

I just need to know which to get and where to order because I'm about ready to tear the whole ****ing rear suspension out this car I'm so tired of it hopping. :want:

And yeah, I did a search. But I'm lazy...sue me.

Oh, and thanks for feedback...have a nice day! :)
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I too would like too know. All the searches lead to too many posts to search through for definitive answers on the most cost effective approach. Before I add power I would like to maximize what I already have.
All the searches lead to too many posts to search through for definitive answers on the most cost effective approach. .

So, I know you guys what kit you have any your impressions???
Yup, BMR and KARS and GM bushings and Specter bushings and the $17 solution and ...

But just remember, if the absolute perfect kit were out there for a decent price, EVERYBODY here would be posting up.
There's no real fix for it, except Doug at KARS's complete replacement package (around $6,500).

All of them add a little extra noise, and probably reduce the hop by at least 50%. Best way to eliminate wheel hop? Don't launch it hard. These cars are fast as hell from a roll, so use what you've got.
I want to eliminate it not to race but to be able to pull out in Boston traffic without wondering if I am going to Hop all over the place. so the basic BMR kit will at least get rid of 50% of it. Sounds like a start.
just do the KKAR'S, That's what i would do.... If your goin to do heavy Mods.
I don't have a kit yet but what I have read so far the KARS kit is the way to go. This Guy has done some amazing stuff with a V (new rear) and I have only heard good about his Cradle setup.
Ummmm 50%...Hmmm......Mine is like 90%.....:D
Do you still have that video of those burnouts you posted a couple of years ago? They seemed to confirm the 90%.
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Yeah, those are the ones I'm talking about! :thumbsup:
Ummmm 50%...Hmmm......Mine is like 90%.....:D
I called and left you a msg...I looked at both yours and BMR's, and your kit seems a bit beefier. Call me back if you can!

I guess the next question is what do we think is more effective? The Specter Bushings or one of these kits since they seem to be relatively the same price??
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