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Wheel Curb Rash Repair in Maryland?

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Can someone recommend a reputable place in Maryland between DC and Baltimore that does repair of the CTS-V polished wheels? I can't believe that I have not once, but TWICE scrapped the SAME rear passenger wheel on the SAME curb where I work. As an aside, the building where I work put in a gate with guard shack two or three years AFTER the parking lot had been built, and one consequence of this is that when turning out of the parking lot into the exit lane to the gate, space is tight. Where there was ample turning radius is now very narrow. I have found that if I don't angle my Vagon correctly, my rear tire/wheel will hit the curb. I am going to address this with the building management this week, seeing as how I've experienced the same situation twice in the exact location. More than likely I'll get a blah-blah-blah, we're not responsible, we can't be held liable response, but it's worth bringing up. Anyway, the fact remains I have a couple of light scapes on the outside edge of my wheel and would like to get them repaired. Thanks.
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