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Whats noraml engine temp ?

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I was wondering what is normal for the Needle on the Engint temp to be running at
like when im driving it doesnt go above half way but if im sitting at idle and it will go a little bove half way like someitme just about to the Needle right after half way mark is that normal it always cools back down when i put my foot on the gas and start driving again
but just wondeirng if this is normal ?
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Yes, it's all normal.

The thermostat is set to begin opening at 188 and be fully open at 206. The engine will normally creep up to the 225 mark in hot traffic, A/C off, then the fans go to slow and the temp comes back down to about 210. Normal. If something's really wrong, fans go to fast at 235 engine or 305 transmission temps. The fans run is slow any time the A/C runs, as in defrost, deice, or a cooling mode, so the gauge will normally never move if the A/C compressor is running. Maybe, just maybe on a really hot day....


Every word of this has been posted in this forum a hundred times. And in Northstar Performance. The search feature up in the blue bar called up 6 pages of posts on this question.
ok cool so 225 is ok for it to be up there and then cool down once i start driving was just really worried about that
id say it has not been up to 225 yet but it hink it has goen up to 220 and that was sitting iin the driveway erlier with the AC On becouse i know usualy if its going ot over heat it will runn hotter with the AC On so just wanted to see if it was ok
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