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What's an easy Subwoofer upgrade

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What's the simplest upgrade for an improved subwoofer? I don't have the talent to do a complex one like I've seen on the board (Which were awesome btw) Any recommendations for a drop in replacement?


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better yet (without looking so goofy as a zooka) check out infiniti basslink II. Big boom, small price and profile. Got one on now and the right track will loosen bowels. :D

That's the II btw, not the original one.

Black Beast said:
What size subwoofer do we need?
that is sort of like asking how much torque do we need?

there is no definitive answer. But a guideline is twin 8" subs give better bass for Jazz than a single 12"+ would (in most cases). For hip hop, dual 12" subs with dual voice coils and a rattling license plate are favored.

that having been said, most people are very happy with a single 10. There are ton of ways to do it right. It boils down to a couple of factors... ease of install, cost and look/space occupied.

Boxes are easy to install and give good bang for the buck but look like shiat. free air subs (speaker attached to board) are easily damaged and look like (see above). Self-enclosed subs look good and are usually priced well, but don't usually sound that great.

This is why I posted about my great experience with that Infinity sub. My car before the current one, an E36 M3, had over $12k of sound mods. A combo of pro build and self-installed, but the system was a/d/s amped, a/d/s aluminum dual coil 10" dual sub, dynaudio drivers and sony mobile ES digital time-domain shifting equalization. Yep I was one of them freaks with a laptop and sampler mike in the car tuning the sound. Now nothing will sound like that car, but this Infinity is amazing for the cash.

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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