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Purchased a used cts. what years should I avoid or engines should I avoid. I dont want problems.

Car will be out of warranty.
your post is a little vague & confusing, hence the ribbing from the guys ^^^ :rolleyes:
I'm assuming you DIDN'T purchase the car yet & just made a typo..?
You posted this in the CTS-V section; the 1st generation CTS has a few different models:

2.8L V6 (2004-2007)
3.2L V6 (2003-2004)
3.6L V6 (2004-2007)
5.7L V8 LS6 (2004-2005)
6.0L V8 LS2 (2006-2007)

The CTS-V has a distinct badge (looks like this: :v:) on the fenders & trunk lid; is that the car you're looking for?
Or perhaps a V6 (non-V model) CTS? if you are looking for a V6 CTS, you are in the wrong section. Try asking in this subforum:
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