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03 EXT Sold / 11 CTS V Coupe sold / 15 CTS Vsport sold / 16 CT6 TT
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my 03 EXT was damaged by City sand trucks during our last bout of snow. Ive contacted the city and they sent me the paperwoirk but say it is unlikley that they will pay anything...

So I have a low comp deductible on my policy so I could do this myself for the $250 ded.

Damage consist of chipped up window.
Chipped up front bumper both fenders and hood.

like lots of little rick chips

Body shop estimate was $1600 including new windshield.

Dilema. Storm season is coming and I dont want to fix my car now and have a monster hail storm hit it in the spring.

it is a 03 with over 100k miles and she is my DD.

Should I just have Geico fix my Windshield for free and leave the rest incase something worse happens. or would you fix it now.

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