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Yes id like to know that as well says 04-12 CTS STS cadillac.

The hub center bores are the same cts sts xlr and bolt pattern 15x115mm but yes about the wheel studs being different sizes.

I had to look up wheel hub size for specific vehicle or cadillac (specific model bolt pattern and showed me the years they had the wheels same bolt pattern, hub center bore and wheels. CTS and STS were 17" one i think the XLR either had 18s or staggered 18s in the rear when i looked tho should fit the vehicle the same as far as wheel fitment.

Someone was interested in buying them for a buick lucerne 06 which has the same hub center size, bolt pattern and offset wheels already.

Any idea whats a good price for these 220$? Trying to sell them to clean out garage.
My experience when they are that old, they are worth the going scrap aluminum price so $220 sounds pretty good.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts