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What weight motor oil for 99 catera?

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I have a 99 Catera and am needing to change the oil in it since I just got it. I don't have the owners manual and it doesn't say on the cap what weight to use. My plan is to use Mobil 1 synthetic. Also, I went to get an oil filter at the parts store and the guy gave me this weird filter that looks like it's for a tractor. I'm sure it's probably the right one but is it a canister that you take off and then replace the element on the inside and then put it back on?
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I dont know anything about the catera oil filter....... But if you want to use M1 Synthetic, Id use a 40 weight..... Maybe a 0w-40.......
0W-40? Why?? That's too thin cold, and too thick hot.

10W-30 is the correct oil for your engine, synthetic or not. 5W-30 is acceptable in very cold climates.
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