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2003 CTS 3.2 5 spd
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Morning All,

The joys of 85K miles on my 5 spd 3.2 `03 CTS, it needs tires soon, just did the brakes! Looked at Eagle F1s as I have them on the front, wow on the price and I have Nexens on the back(that's another story of hitting something on the highway 1100 miles from home, although they're good.....) Both sets of tires track well, except in the rain, I seem to float some and they're directional tires as well

Saw Goodyear Eagle GT tires, but this "Z" rating stuff is beyond what I've ever bought before. Any recommendations from you'al..... I understand you get what you pay for, as I'm not going for Pep Boy's specials, just want honest advice from this experienced crowd for a great replacement set. I'm not in the market to replace the rims...unfortunately.

Thanks to all,

Mark A.
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