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What type of brake system 93 deville 4.9 w ABS

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Hello all just like the title indicates I need to know what type of brake system I have in my 93 deville. My vaccum booster has died and Im looking around to find the right one. All help is appreciated thanks.
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This is the same type (from the way it looks at least) as mine.


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I'm not sure where it's located, but have you talked to anyone at NAPA?
All the places I've called have 3-4 different kinds and all are special order. Mine appears to be the same as yours except yours looks to be a bit cleaner :)
I dont need the whole system it is just the booster that is shot. I had a little leak and started prodding around down there and ruined a gasket that is right where the metal meets the plastic where the rod extends. :crybaby:
Thanks, man! How much are the parts at the places you've called?
I've gotten prices from napa, autozone, advance, and Pep Boys in the range of 56 up to 140 (the 140 includes a master cylinder), I've been asked if it has the heavy duty and/or an adjustable suspension system. I'm clueless as to which system I have but the one in your pic USMC is identical.
You should be able to figure out the brake system from the RPO codes. Heavy duty brakes are usually on the livery series = limos, so probably not for you. Not sure about adjusable suspension on a 93 but would suspect you don't have it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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