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What to look for when buying?

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So i've been checking out a few sites, reading some posts, but i really havent come across a clear or definite list of what to look for when purchasing a used CTS-V. Hopefully, here within the next few weeks i will be purchasing a 04-06 CTS-V. I haven't even test drove one yet, because i have no idea what to look for when driving it. I've honestly never driven a manual car that it quite this quick.

Is there anything major to look for when purchasing?
I know to look for all the obvious, but from what I'm seeing most of the cars in the price range im wanting to spend are near immaculate and pretty low milage. Is there any color or combonition that would make one 'rarer' then another?

The only other vehicle i'm really looking at is an infinity fx45. We already own a black 04 infinti m45, and i think it would be sweet to have the accompanying suv version of it, or at least my girlfriend does. The last 'quick' vehicle i owned was a 1999 dakota r/t, so i'm real excited about the option of having aftermarket support for going fast rather than the lack there of from the mopar. The aftermarket for the M is even worse, with virtually NO performance mods (which is ok, thats why i'd buy the caddy :) )
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Please take a look at the posts from the last month. Suggestions as to what you are looking for have been covered here recently.

If then you have specific questions, I'm sure someone will reply happily.
Assuming you won't be on factory warranty, some of the common issues to be aware of are:

1) differential whine ... when you drive a V, listen to the diff under very slight acceleration at about 45-55 MPH,

2) peeling NAV buttons (they can be replaced),

3) motor mount failure ... they leak and may cause the motor to seem rough especially at shutdown,

4) rear tires going bald ... VERY common problem,

5) radiator leaks ... usually taken care of when car was new, and

6) battery failure ... same as above.

There might be a few more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Obviously, this list is specific to '04-'07 CTS-Vs. You need to due normal due diligence as far as other typical wear parts such as clutch, brakes, paint, interior, and do a Carfax, etc.

Good Luck!
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thanks for the replies guys! I didnt see the one from last month, but i'll keep looking. Everytime i get on here i find myself opening up a thousand windows, lol!
It's a busy site. Spend a month reading every single post, and you will be well on your way to knowing allot about these cars.
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