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Allow me to run the 96+ larger diameter rotor, dual piston calipers and larger pads on my 1993 Eldorado Touring Coupe?

I've already tried going with aftermarket drilled/slotted rotors and matched pads for my stock brake system.

That did improve the brake pedal feel and fade resistance some, but I want more.

The rest of my system is completely up-to-snuff having replaced rear calipers, rotors, pads, hardware and hoses.

The front brake hoses are new, as are the calipers, pads and rotors (now replaced for the second time in 40K) using
not only new, but better quality parts each time.

I'm no fool, and not new to the upgrade over stock game, but since all of the posts I see regarding to brake up-grades
seem to revolve around cars using the newer style 96+ system which uses caliper brackets that unblot
from the car [(mine do NOT - meaning that my calipers bolt directly to the spindle) Yes, I can provide photos to PROVE what I'm saying].

I'd like to know if anyone with a 92-95 Eldorado has been able to utilize the newer brake parts and how it was done, and what year vehicle they pulled the parts off of.

I really want to be able to enjoy the dual piston caliper and larger rotor benefits (knowing that I'll need to upgrade to 17" or larger wheels/tires.)

I've never tackled this particular upgrade and wish to know from someone who has done it previously before I just attempt to trail-blaze
if the trail has already been blazed!

Thanks in advance guys! You are always a wealth of information.
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