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I recently bought this '96 six door limo:

I'm planning on doing some pretty heavy, long-distance towing (about 3k lbs.) with it. It has the following RPO tag:

Anyway, it's got the GW9 2.93 - 9.5" rearend, A75 heavy duty front and rear suspension, KD1 external tranny cooler and KC4 external engine oil cooler as well as V03 extra capacity cooling. It also has V4U 7200 GVW limo option - whatever that is.

It's missing the 3.42 gears and mechanical fan of the V4P package, so what does this really mean regarding towing ability?

Will this car pull 5K with the putnam 5K rated hitch? Are there any other mods required? Can you suggest any safety enhancements (other than electric trailer brakes)? Any other tips or advice?

BTW, if anyone can run a carfax, I'd be very thankful.


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I'm planning on doing some pretty heavy, long-distance towing (about 3k lbs.) with it.
You want 3.73's, otherwise you're pretty much set for easily moving 3000lbs or well more than that.

You have the wheelbase and weight to tow very comfortably. However your chassis weighs more so you can expect slightly less towing capacity then the 7000lbs trailer package, this is why I recommend the 3.73's. 5,000lbs hitch can tow an apparent 5000lbs. Remember to account for all other forms of resistance (aerodynamics, wheel drag, bearing drag, etc).

Transmission temp gauge is a wise addition.
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