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What kind of wheels to get for '98 SLS

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I'm a noob on the forum and just got a nice '98 SLS. I want to possibly get some nice wheels (no DUBBS 20"'s for me though).

Is there a specific offset and size to look for, or just go by '98 seville sls and hope they list the car specifically?

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You are looking for a 5x115mm bolt circle, a 40mm (or very close to that like 35mm to 45mm) offset, and at least a 70.5mm hub diameter. You need to be at least 16" in diameter as 15"ers will not fit the calipers. Many GM factory wheels will fit your car. All GM big FWD sedans used the same hub, so all the wheels will fit. My '02 Seville SLS has '06 Buick Lucerne wheels on it. But Buick LeSabre, Park Avenue, Lucerne, Pomtiac Bonneville, almost all Cadillac cars from '92 forward, etc wheels will fit. Go to and look for the hub for your car. Then look at the cross reference list for that part. The list is a mile long. Just in case you like the look of a certain factory wheel.

Thank you for the info. I do like the stock chrome 16's ont he car, but was wondering what to look for if I see aset of nice aftermarket wheels in the future.

Buying aftermarket wheels is easy. The manufacturers do all the homework for you. You tell them the car, they give you the wheel that fits. If you are looking for opinions on styles, check out Many nice Caddy's on there with aftermarket wheels.

I'll check that site out. Started driving the car this week.. Maan. I should have bought one long ago.

Now for some basic mods as with all my other cars, and cruising in style.

Ps. Who came up with the smart idea to turn off 1st gear when the TC is off?? Dammit. I wanna feel what this car feels like when the damn TorqueManagement is not disabling the engine's power. :stirpot:
Yeah, I love the car too. But I do wish it was an STS at times.D:
Hey you could always go with a nice set of Vogues and 17' or 18' aftermarket. Check out my page on look for Big Moe's blue pearl.
:banghead: It's a great car. Remember: If someone's looking at your wheels, they're NOT looking at your car. Remain subtle.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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