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Is this the ECM for a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham if it's not i would like to know what it is, i removed it from
under the dashboard on the driver side and if it's not the ECM where would the ECM be located?


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Hey O.
Often times when I can't figure out what some auto part is or where it's located, I'll go to sites like rock auto. Ain't the web great?
I did this for you and the link to your Caddies ECM is here:,1993,fleetwood,5.7l+v8,1027358,electrical,engine+control+module+(ecm+computer),2896
I have to say it does look like an ECM, but could also be a air bag control or some other electronic device. The ECM in the photo have stickers all over them that indicate what it is.
If there is a part number on it, just Google that number and that may also tell you what it is.
Good luck, and let us all know what you find out.
And please remember what the talking heads once said: "You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile".
Andrew in NH with a 77 CDV project. Done soon...... I hope.

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Air bag computer.
Official name SIR SDM. Supplemental Inflatable Restraint system Sencing DIgnostic Module.

Few reasons:
Only 1 connector. ECM's always had multible connectors. Think the BCMs always were multible connectors. Etc..
Yellow connector. All airbag system things are identified with yellow.
Never remember an ECM on the drivers side under dash.
There are radio amps & recievers but in cars they are normally in the trunk.
It's got an additional clip for the connector. Fancy name CPM for connector position assurance.
SIR systems had more elaberate locking of connectors.

Other things not shown that would indicate it's for the air bag:
Is all the cabeling wrapped in a yellow sleeve?
Does the cabeling have a SIR warning label?
Number of terminals, 24?
Are the terminals gold plated on the module & connector?
Is the air bag light on after unplugging?
Part number on the other side?

Matching pic:
93 Buick SIR module $7.50 Ebay match
93 Corvette SIR module pic
93 Beretta SIR module pic

GM engeers admited they spent about 10X on the development, testing, & service documentation compaired to the powertrain ECM. Some vehicle models had more possible SIR trouble codes vs ECM. Even though the SIR is a way simpler system. For this reason GM really didn't suffer any air bag campaigns, recall, or service complaints. Only service needed from deployment. Or improerly repairs from crash damage. They had a 3 strike memory. After 3 deployments it turns into a brick.
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