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What is the best iPod integration kit for 2007 Escalade?

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I have been looking at the Lockpick and iConnect iPod integration kits for my 2007 Escalade. However, one of my friends has the same car and he installed the Nuecleus iPod interace adapter. I found the problem with that is you can only scroll through about five screens of artists, etc, and each screen has about six listings I think. That means you get to about the B's on artists and you are done. The nuecleus lets you browse from the category menu of the XM radio, but it seems it's limited on memory or something.

Does anyone have an iPod integration kit where you can scroll through all of the artists, playlists, etc, all the way to the Z's?

If so, which model do you have? Thanks!
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I heard about most kits and one that lets scroll to about 20-30 folders is the Schosche and even that sucks in terms of user friendliness, get a nice FM transmitter! That being said I have the Schosche installed and not happy with it, it's like having a nice hot blond that you can't bang!
I have had three different Ipod kits, each worked for a while and then started with different problems after working fine for months using them daily, removed the last one last night when it started thinking for itself. :(
I'm voting for the Peripheral PXAMG. ( -- bought mine from

It seems like there isn't an absolute solution for the touchscreen scrolling, and this one isn't much better. It breaks everything up numerically -- so if you wanted to get into the L's, you'd touch the #12 and then scroll through all the L's with the radio tuner dial.

Thing that makes this one stand out is that it has a usb port for firmware upgrades. I'm willing to take a chance on the purchase now, deal with sub-optimal browsing, and then be able to plug it up and install some improved software when/if it becomes available.
^ yeah, the software update thing makes it more adaptable to iPod updates too..... but like he said, It seems like there isn't an absolute solution for the touchscreen scrolling. :annoyed:

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