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what is it really, HELP

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i have a 04 ctsv, blown motor, i now have a new 1166 block, new 243 heads, i need new pistons , went with sealed power h868cp,
and one new rod, according to sd, i have 12649190 rod checked against my vin, how ever i have had conflicting info can any one help
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For what it is worth, I come with three part numbers. Two of those numbers are 12649190 and 12607475, of which 12649190 is shown to supersede 12607475. I also show, from another sources, a 12577583, which I assume is another old number that has been superseded. I would be inclined to accept SDs number - the have a good rep as a GM part supplier.
Geez, that darkman guy is like one of those Gotham City superheros. The OP starts his thread, and 17 minutes later darkman is on it. :batman:
whoever runs this forum should pay that guy I swear.
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The ghost of Smokey Yunick.
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