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I own a 2004 SRX V8 AWD with a Rear Seat Entertainment system(RSE/DVD) factory installed. The DVD player can play it's audio signal through the car's speakers', but in my vehicle when you do this, the volume is considerably lower than the Radio \ CD functions. The DVD player has the only aux audio input, and I want to hard wire Sirius / IPOD with an RCA to 3.5 mm hook up. However, this is not worth it if the volume from this aux input is very low (I tried it, and it is the same as audio from playing a DVD). The car has been to 3 dealers, and although they each acknowledge the problem, they cannot come up with a diagnosis to warranty a new head unit or new RSE.

Today I was finally told by when a Tech II from Conte Cadillac that in the 2004 Cadillac SRX some of the first vehicles had RSE's that were unfortunately installed and designed to function this way. I was asked to try and find a VIN # for another 2004 SRX with a DVD player that does not function this way. They are seeking to compare codes in the VIN to see if they can tell if my vehicle is one of these that can't be fixed. If not, they are telling me that they can change the head unit to try and fix the problem BUT Cadillac will only cover it under warranty if the volume then goes up while playing the DVD audio through the cars speakers. It sounds like a load of shit to me, but I would like to see if I can keep them working on it. I have posted this problem several times in both audio / video forum and SRX forum, with no responses or leads. If you have a 2004 SRX with RSE / DVD please respond to let me know if audio plays normally through car speakers, and if so please list your vin.

My Vin #: 1GYDE63A840116072

Imagine a $60,000 plus vehicle, and i have to do this work. then they might tell me I might owe them money for NOT being able to fix the problem.

This is my last Cadillac
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