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1985 Sedan DeVille
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I have an 85 Sedan DeVille that I'm bringing back to factory condition. The body and electrical issues have been taken care of, and now I am plotting a course for an engine overhaul. It's the 4.1 v8, it's got 130k miles on it and has been pretty well maintained (new fluids and filters every few months, and it only gets 93 octane or the closest I can find). While it runs pretty smooth (no stalling or anything) it does not really have as much power as it should and it burns oil especially after its been sitting. It also failed the smog tests in Calif and Tenn on first try, and I had to go blow out the junk before it would pass either of them.

It already has a new smog pump (last one seized up), and I've replaced the water pump about five times already... For the elective stuff I'm thinking that I should probably get a ring and valve job, and a new head gasket (obviously). Anything else I should ask for while the engine is in pieces?

Are there any newer high-performance catalytic converters that will help with airflow and improve emissions quality? I may get the entire exhaust replaced with a high-flow system actually, but only if I can get emissions improved as a result. Although I currently live in MD with no emission tests, I am probably going to move back to Calif in the next year or so and want to get this resolved while I'm doing the rest of it.

Anything else you folks would recommend?

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