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2019 XTS Luxury AWD, 2004 SRX N* AWD (gone)
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That symbol usually marks a spot on a map. My guess (and it`s just a guess) is that it is saying you are in an area with a wifi hotspot, since it is by the 4GLTE. I`m interested what others have to say about it.

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Page 184 in the Owner's Manual

Status Pane:

The destination pin marks the location of the final destination. Touch the pin to view the destination address or to add it or remove it from the Favorites list. Hide the information by touching the pin one more time. It will automatically time out if no action is taken.

Personal Profile:
View the time of day, outside air temperature and other status indicators in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Set up your Personal Profile and associate it with your key fob so your preferences and settings are stored.
• Tap the USERS icon and accept the User Terms and Privacy Statement
• Tap “Create a Profile”
• Associate your profile with your key fob, if desired
• Enter the email address you use to log into

Owner Center Note: If you skip profile setup, you will be using the system as a Guest. Your settings will be saved but not associated with your key fob.


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