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What does this mean?

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Fuel info on DIC...don't understand

'10 DTS Premium, 13,179 miles

Hi -hope i don't confuse you all:
2010 DTS Performance on DIC (at least i know what 'that' is) when scrolling for settings/choices, there is one that says 'fuel' and shows 99%....
DH would appreciate anyone who could tell him what 'that' means and/or what he should do about it.
I looked in our book and could find nothing - (assuming i was looking in the correct area).
Many thanks in advance - Showgirl ..:helpless:
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Has to be the OLM.
Hi to all who just replied ... DH will do the display for me to also view ... i'll let you know what "I" see - LOL ... have a feeling you're all correct -
Will write when i see it.... thanks again ! SG
Thanks for keeping us updated Showgirl. I would also say that the reading you are referring to would be the Oil Life Monitor. The only fuel usage display that the vehicle has shows the usage in either liters or gallons not in a percentage. I hope that information helps you.
Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service
Hello Jeff and all the kind people who replied -- i saw the readout myself today and was going to write in.
I found the 'item' in the Caddy Use Book and yes that's exactly what it was - it is the 'fuel-useage' setting... at the current time since it was never 'set' by DH, when he scrolled thru items it was showing ''fuel used'' 99% (or something like that)...the book did describe how to set it up if you want to have that show... unfortunately sometimes it's difficult to find things in the use/care booklet for the car ...takes some hunting/pecking.
Again many thanks to you all !!! :) Showgirl
So what folks, there is a way to change the fuel used to percentage? I don't recall that in the manual.
From my Manual, 2010 DTS, Pg. 4-63(scroll down to last item) -''showgirl'':

Trip/Fuel Display Menu Items

3 (Trip/Fuel): The following display menu items

can be displayed by pressing the trip/fuel button:


These displays show the current distance traveled since

the last reset for each trip odometer in either

kilometers (km) or miles (mi). Both odometers can be

used at the same time. Each trip odometer can be reset

to zero separately by pressing and holding the

set/reset button for a few seconds while the desired trip

odometer is displayed.


This display shows the approximate number of

remaining kilometers (km) or miles (mi) you can drive

without refilling the fuel tank. This estimate is based on

the current driving conditions and will change if the

driving conditions change. For example, if you are

driving in traffic and making frequent stops, the display

may read one number, but if you enter the freeway,

the number may change even though you still have the

same amount of fuel in the fuel tank. This is because

different driving conditions produce different fuel

economies. Generally, freeway driving produces better

fuel economy than city driving.

Once the range drops below an estimated 64 km

(40 miles) remaining, the display will show FUEL


If your vehicle is low on fuel, the FUEL LEVEL LOW

message will be displayed. See “FUEL LEVEL

LOW” under DIC Warnings and Messages on page 4-67

for more information.


This display shows the approximate average liters per

100 kilometers (L/100 km) or miles per gallon (mpg).

This number is calculated based on the number

of L/100 km (mpg) recorded since the last time this

display was reset. To reset this display, press the

set/reset button. The display will return to zero.

INST (Instantaneous) ECONOMY (IFE)

This display shows the current fuel economy in either

liters per 100 kilometers (L/100 km) or miles per

gallon (mpg). This number reflects only the fuel economy

that the vehicle has right now and will change frequently

as driving conditions change. Unlike average economy,

this display cannot be reset.


This display shows the number of liters (L) or

gallons (gal) of fuel used since the last reset of this

display. To reset this display, press the set/reset button.

The display will return to zero.

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